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About Anzû Makta


Electronic journeys between Trap and Deep House


Anzû Makta, native composer from Ardèche, is located in Lyon.

His songs invite listeners on electronic journeys.

In a world where time always seems to be running out, Anzû offers an escape, exploring paths from Trap to Deep House.

Music Inspirations

The composer's works are inspired by his personal experiences, as well as by life, psychology and society. Listeners can choose their own boarding platform and imagine the next part of the story through his varied sound proposals.

Anzu Music selected by prestigious editors


Anzû Makta's creations have already been selected by prestigious publishers such as Alter K, whose artists include NTO, French 79, Fakear, Bon Entendeur, Sofi Tukker, Izaac Delusion and Wax Tailor.

anzu makta portrait red night - IDM music - florine jeannot photographer
anzu walking - cinematic music - lyon musee confluences
Anzû portrait - blue night - florine jeannot photographer
anzu portrait lyon confluences - florine jeannot photographer
anzu makta - electro experimental - florine jeannot photographer
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