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Break The Cycle

Break The Cycle is an EP composed of 6 songs. It is about when you decide to quit everything after falling in a hellish spiral...

It is about those courageous people who accept all challenges, they never dare to say « no » as they don’t want to disappoint.

Hanging the head is impossible for them even if the burden is insurmountable.

They forget themselves and close the eyes even when their body sends the first alarm signals.

Then, they start to fall in a hellish spiral where the escape door seems always more out of range.

Only one remedy : break the cycle!

Unfortunately, even a total break isn’t enough sometimes to turn such a heavy page.

To quit everything and fly to further lands can allow a fresh start.

But then comes the anxiety of the unknown, this same fear which deterred to stop the nightmare machin.

Nevertheless, deeply we know that the renewal can only be positive.

We finish to dare to enter in the mist.

Discovering new horizons, the spirit takes a breath of fresh air.

We can’t ear anymore the « tick-tock » of the clock.

It is finally time to do what we love the most.

Our creative mind weaks up

New ideas emerge

A new lifeline is taking shape, more aligned with our values and expectations...

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